What we do

We print and distribute t-shirts and other fashion items on demand.

When you get a t-shirt order on your site, we print and ship it for you.

You only pay us when you receive an order, enabling you to offer an unlimited amount of designs and colour combinations at no cost.

We offer both DTG printing and all-over sublimation printing.

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Direct to Garment Printing

DTG printing is inkjet printing directly onto a cotton t-shirt.

We have the ability to print white ink, which enables us to print on any colour garment by applying a white underbase. The colours are produced from a mix of CMYK, very similar to a desktop printer. This allows us to create photographic images in up to 1 million colours.

On white t-shirts, DTG printing has as soft feel as there is no white ink underbase. On other t-shirts, there is more of a texture.

Sublimation Printing

To give the technical definition, sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from a solid to a gas, without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.

To begin with, the ink is printed on paper. When the paper is heated, the ink turns into a gas, which once cooled, forms a solid bond with the polymer surface it is touching. In this case, a polyester t-shirt.

This process allows us to print extremely bright colours across the entire garment, creating an all over print.

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